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Posco Vietnam

As a company operating in the field of business marketing, joint stock company services commercial and Posco Vietnam aims consistent and clear right from its inception. Posco Strategy development is a leading enterprise in the field of Marketing: Promotion, product branding, consulting orientation contribute to the development of customer service.
We aim to develop an appropriate strategy and bring maximum benefits to customers based on specific product development orientation towards customers.
With a staff of professional, young, passionate and creative community Posco gives marketers a new power: The marketers in the world of modern technology combined with market experience in Marketing tradition.
Posco Vietnam trust brought a new location, new strength, personality and fanning community development in Marketing. We are always ready to welcome the customers over stormy reaping the rewards. Messages that Posco wants to bring clients: willingness to build long-lasting cooperation, understanding and co-operating to develop.

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POSCO’s commitment

  • 90% of email client running in your Inbox.
  • We are committed to service time uninterrupted uptime is 99.5% in the year.
  • We guarantee the request will support your response time up to 02 days, or within 48 hours after your request is recorded in the system.
  • The system includes cloud servers, operating systems and software Email Marketing.
  • For planned events before, mainly serving to maintain the system, we will notify you via email. We will choose an appropriate time for maintenance to minimize impact.
  • Campaign reports whenever you ask.